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Hydrogen Fuel

Characteristics of a Good Fuel

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Clean burning and efficient, that's amazing!

There are many different aspects of hydrogen that make it a great fuel. For starters it can store more energy than batteries and in a fuel cell it burns at twice the efficiency of gasoline in an engine, both these mean we save money. The only by-product that is produced from burning hydrogen is simply water, not the carbon based produts that is produced from burning normal gasoline. It has been reported that a switch to hydrogen as our main fuel source can save between 3,700 to 6,400 lives a year in the U.S. that were caused by pollution. If we can find a way to use wind power and other forms of renewable energy in order to produce hydrogen the cost to us we be around $1.12 to $3.20 per gallon, that's pretty good since we pay $1.10 per litre of gasoline. But sadley, we will have to wait for a few years such a great fuel since we would need to produce 5 times the amount of hydrogen that we do now, also, the fuels we use to make hydrogen produce more green house gases than we do in our own gasoline cars.


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